Optical fiber deploymentRevenga Smart Solutions designs, manufactures and distributes the 3dnet.es fiber optic product line, covering all needs in F.O., MAN, FTTH and FTTB.

We are both, ODM and OEM. Hence, we design and manufacture (ODM+ODM) the 3dnet.es passive element product line, a complete and very competitive offering covering all needs of our FTTX clients in Latin-America, Middle East and Europe.  Additionally, we are OEM for some of the largest telecom providers in the world. Only in Spain, Revenga Smart Solutions owns a country´s market share of over 40% for some elements of the F.O. deployment, partially due to the alliances with the major players in worldwide.

Our quality driven production facilities have the agility and experience to rapidly convert our clients´ demands into customized F.O. passive elements. For this, we count with the necessary design and engineering capabilities as well as in-house molding of critical parts. Furthermore, to guarantee our capacity to manufacture large orders in a reduced time, Revenga Smart Solutions owns two in-house assembly lines that coupled for standard molding and injection (Spain, Portugal, China) enable the company to manufacture efficiently and at a fast pace.

Revenga Smart Solutions is aligned with its clients demand for the highest quality, striving to deliver reliable and durable products with and outstanding quality/price ratio.  The company is certified with the quality norms ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS 18001.

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