Optical fiber deploymentWe provide engineering where we generate value…

  • Complete design and engineering capacity for any kind of network: GPON (FTTH, FTTB, FTTN) PDH, SDH, DWDM, IP L2, L3, MPLS and Carrier Ethernet
  • F.O and copper cable deployment
  • F.O. monitoring systems: OTDR and GIS
  • WIFI, WIMAX, radio link and radiant cable
  • Interphone, public address and telephone systems
  • Taylor made telecom equipment
  • Document processing, blueprint drawing
  • Technical support
  • SLA
  • CRS: Call Center 24x7, Seguimiento incidencias, Plataforma WEB/email/teléfono


Optical fiber deployment

Engineering is in Revenga Smart Solutions DNA. Revenga Smart Solutions benefits from a wealth of knowledge and experience in developing and executing engineering projects and comprehensive end-to-end solutions for telecommunications operators as well as for other concerns in the transport, energy and utilities, public administrations and the security and defense sectors.

With over 45 years of experience and projects deployed in more than 24 countries, Revenga Smart Solutions relentlessly seeks technological innovation by developing proprietary hardware and software. Revenga Smart Solutions has a culture of partnership that enables us to generate alliances with leading global technology firms to cover the entire spectrum of capabilities and products necessary to compete at a global scale.

Revenga Smart Solutions has Access to over 80 engineers and technical experts. This gives us the ability to complement our complete range of products and our consulting capabilities with the ability to deliver from strategy to construction in any given project, including the furnishing of all components and products in a large telecom deployment.


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