Optical fiber deploymentTelecom carriers worldwide are currently seeking at increasing their customer base by expanding their fiber optic networks in a variety of geographies. Each new market has its own specific realities when it comes to workforce, customer service, suppliers or market penetration opportunities and constrains. In this critical job of understanding local conditions and defining a path based on best practices, Revenga Smart Solutions, leveraging on its knowledge and solid business alliances in Japan, Europe, Middle East and Latin America, has become a FTTX partner of choice some of the main carriers in the world.

We serve our partners all along the fiber optic deployment process, from value adding strategy consulting, to engineering network deployments, manufacturing and providing a complete range of passive elements and cable. As a result, Revenga Smart Solutions is in a unique position to help telecom carriers from the regions where it operates (Europe, Middle East and Latin America) in the process of expanding their fiber optic network. At Revenga Smart Solutions we have developed a methodology based on our global benchmark that enables us to deliver answers to the questions carriers want to know about: how can we reduce costs of deployment? How can we better serve our partners? How can we maximize revenues? How can we be more profitable?

Revenga Smart Solutions consults for telecommunication carriers around the world seeking to improve the exploitation of their networks by increasing efficiency or by achieving a better service to their customers. The overall design of their FTTX network, its construction, its operation, its evaluation and optimization can greatly benefit fromRevenga Smart Solutions´ consulting services. We identify problems/opportunities and propose solutions based on global best practices.

For the past 40 years, Revenga Smart Solutions has been a leading player in the different phases of telecom cable deployments around the world. The company quickly grew in the 70 by supporting the Spanish government´s strategy to extend its copper network throughout the Country. Later on and still today, Revenga Smart Solutions has pioneered a new generation of IP networks, with thousands of kilometers of mostly railway telecommunication deployments all around Europe that have contributed to the company´s reputation of efficiency and reliability.

Nowadays, Revenga Smart Solutions has become one of the most successful mid-sized companies participating internationally in today´s optic fiber network deployments.

Our experience and exposure to global best practices, a fluid relationship with some of the world´s top telecom providers and a team of professionals with a wide knowledge of state of the art technologies and market tendencies, enables Revenga Smart Solutions to provide advice in projects of high strategic significance. We listen to our clients´ concerns, work with a proven methodology based on years of experience in multiple and varied projects and most importantly, we focus on results.

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